St Aloysius Evening College

St Aloysius Evening College – Golden Jubilee Year (1966-2016)

1966 is an auspicious year in the annals of St Aloysius College, Mangalore. After taking giant strides in the field of education through its flagship Institution St Aloysius College, the Jesuit fathers made a telling impact on the educational arena of Mangalore by starting an evening college. An evening college had been a long-felt need of the working people of Mangalore. The city had been growing, with a constantly increasing number of offices, factories, business houses and educational institutions. For the many students who had to drop out of their regular education and take up jobs, the evening college provided an opportunity to continue their education and progress in their careers. Catering to the educational needs of such students, was very much in keeping with the direction Jesuit education was taking. It had to be inclusive, men, women, rich, poor, with a special emphasis on the less privileged in society, the buzz-word being ‘option for the poor’.

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