Our life should be like flowing water, it must not stagnate. There should be something to look forward to, to rush, to flow the way we wish.

“Great minds discuss ideas, normal minds discuss events, small minds discuses people”

We must adopt the right attitudes in our life and should move on.  Definitely everyone can be successful in his own way.  Success is not a matter of luck or genius but it depends on adequate preparation and strong determination.

“Countless efforts by themselves imply success, in spite of the countless failures, the power to rise is the mark of a true winner” so, the resolution of each one of us should be to be determined, strong of mind and body and to strive to reach greater heights.

Thus an Aloysian:​​

  • has commitment to justice
  • thinks critically
  • imbibes ethical  values
  • cultivates a positive sense of attitude

Dr Manohar V. Serrao

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