St Aloysius Evening College – Golden Jubilee Year (1966-2016)

1966 is an auspicious year in the annals of St Aloysius College, Mangalore. After taking giant strides in the field of education through its flagship Institution St Aloysius College, the Jesuit fathers made a telling impact on the educational arena of Mangalore by starting an evening college. An evening college had been a long-felt need of the working people of Mangalore. The city had been growing, with a constantly increasing number of offices, factories, business houses and educational institutions. For the many students who had to drop out of their regular education and take up jobs, the evening college provided an opportunity to continue their education and progress in their careers. Catering to the educational needs of such students, was very much in keeping with the direction Jesuit education was taking. It had to be inclusive, men, women, rich, poor, with a special emphasis on the less privileged in society, the buzz-word being ‘option for the poor’.

St Aloysius Evening College (SAEC) was a dream of Fr Mathew Lewis SJ, the then Rector of St Aloysius College. Fr Mathew Lewis’ dream was translated into reality by Fr Stany Vaz SJ, the first Principal of SAEC, who was blessed with a heart full of love and concern for the young and the economically deprived.

The great demand for ‘Evening College’ was very obvious in the first year itself. Ever since, the College has had an impressive academic record. Notwithstanding the challenges peculiar to ‘Evening Colleges’, like constraint of time, students who work during the day and learn during the evenings and a high percentage of first generation learners, the results reflect the coordinated and systematic efforts put in by the students and the staff. Moving beyond mere knowledge-based education, the College has always tried to inculcate crucial values and life skills in its students, forming them into men and women for others.
The Evening College offers a very important service to the city of Mangalore and its neighbouring areas by becoming a haven to hundreds of men and women of this city and neighbourhood, who would otherwise be denied the opportunity of collegiate education. The credit also goes to the students who after a gruelling day’s work remain enthusiastic and active participants in the rigorous class room instruction for nearly three more hours. We are proud that since its inception, nearly 25,000 students have passed through the hallowed portals of SAEC and have become valued assets of our great nation. The College was reaccredited by NAAC with a B grade in 2011. One of the recent jewels in the crown of the College is the M.Com course started in 2013, which is doing extremely well. It would be no exaggeration to say that SAEC has become synonymous with the Diploma and Certificate courses offered during the evenings both to students and the general public. The courses are tailor-crafted to suit the market needs and have practitioners drawn from the industry as resource persons.

From its humble beginnings in 1966, the SAEC, is all set to enter the 50th glorious year of its academic life. All of us at SAEC consider this a time not just to celebrate, but to introspect, to consolidate and to plan for the future. That is what we intend to do in the year-long Golden Jubilee celebrations. The Golden Jubilee celebrations will be formally inaugurated on 11th July 2015, marking the beginning of a year in which the SAEC will join forces with all its stakeholders. As we celebrate, we also hope to start new initiatives to take the College to its next level in the next decade, and make it relevant in the rapidly changing global scenario. We invite all our collaborators –our Alumni/nae, parents, well-wishers, friends and benefactors, to join us in this effort.

We have drawn an elaborate programme of activities all through the year. We are sure that there will be several activities in which you would like to participate or events that you can attend. We extend a warm invitation to you on behalf of the entire St Aloysius Evening College community, to join in the festivities and be a part of the momentous occasion.

As we stand at the threshold of the Golden Jubilee Celebrations, we would like to recall the selfless contributions of many stalwarts, past and present, who made great sacrifices to make this Institution what it is today. We acknowledge their contributions with gratitude and pay our homage to those who are not amongst us today. We pray that the Almighty continues to bless St Aloysius Evening College!

Celebrating 50 Golden Years… 1966 – 2016